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Passover food

So, I've eaten a lot of very good food this passover.  First I went to a Seder at the home of a friend's family in Bethesda, and the food there was awesome. Tragically, I came in *second* in an exciting matzo-eating contest.  There were 5 or 6 of us not-quite-grownups there.  Afterwards, here mom announced, "Okay all you college kids, here are some ziploc bags, go crazy on the leftovers and get them out of here!" I came home with several vegetable dishes, some excellent beef brisket, and some fruit salad. Woohoo!

Also, I learned how to make my own home made maror this past weekend, thanks to Mariel.  (Maror means the bitter herbs used in the Passover ritual, usually made of horseradish.)  I for one don't mess around when it comes to horseradish... I'll have none of that pansy sweetened-and-mixed-with-mustard junk you can find in the supermarkets.  Nope, I demand the unadulterated product: ground horseradish mixed with vinegar to leach out the bitter flavor and give it a paste consistency.  We couldn't find any suitable prepared horseradish in the store for my taste, so Mariel bought me a raw horseradish root.

I wasn't sure what to do with it at first.  A horseradish root looks like a turnip, or a big white carrot, basically.  Just peeling it made my eyes water like doing a pile of onions (which I'm usually pretty resistant to) and the fumes also go into your nose and produce an overpowering sensation... something like mouthwash for your nose I guess.  Mariel figured out from a cookbook that you're supposed to mince it with a food processor.  I food-processed the horseradish root into little bits, and when I removed the lid of the food processor, the bitter fumes were so overpowering that I couldn't stand directly over it and even at arm's length it was pretty tough to bear.  Mixed it up with some vinegar, and finally it resembled the potent pasty stuff I know and love.

I tried it out with some gefilte fish and matzo, and that was definitely the best horseradish I've ever had.  Super-strong with a lot of vegetable-ish flavor that you don't usually taste as much in the store-bought stuff.  I am now going to be Mr. Homemade Horseradish for the rest of my life.  Yeehaw!
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