Dan (moxfyre) wrote,

Historic Back Roads Century

Yesterday I did the Historic Back Roads Century, a 100 mile bike ride through rural Virginia and West Virginia. It was awesome! This was my first century, actually my first ride ever longer than about 40 miles. It took me 5:17 to complete, for an average speed of 18.9 mph, which I thought was a pretty good pace for my first century.

The terrain was optimistically described as "rolling", which basically meant a continuous up-and-down roller coaster ride from roughly 30 mi to 60 mi :-) I got a lot of practice doing an aerodynamic tuck position so that I could speed down one hill and make it most of the way up the next without losing too much to wind resistance.

There were rest stops at the 25, 50, and 80 mile marks... with a bluegrass band, mechanical assistance, and tons of snacks and sandwiches and things. I ate 4 sandwiches, lots of chocolate and peanut butter cups, and drank about 4 liters of dilute gatorade. I also carried 12 oz of Mike and Ike candy with me, on Mariel's suggestion, to eat as I rode so that I could give myself quick energy. That turned out to be a lifesaver, because on previous rides I've found that I exhaust my energy after around 1.5 hours. On this ride, I got a really good second wind at around 70 mph and was able to keep up with a fast paceline group for the last 20 miles or so.

The beautiful countryside around Berryville, VA:

Me with my bike Hephalocipede at the 80 mile rest stop:

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