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Longest bike ride yet

Yesterday I did my longest bike ride yet, 151 miles. I was talked into this insane trek once again by Michael, who I did the PPTC Century with a couple months ago. Unlike the century with rest stops every 25 miles and food and music and markings on the road and mechanics, this ride was totally unsupported. You had to bring everything with you or stop and buy it.

We started at 6 am (about 45 minutes before dawn) in the super-insanely-rich town of Glen Echo, MD. We headed into Georgetown and across the Key Bridge into Virginia. Then we hit the W&OD and Custis trails for about 40 miles, which are very very flat and kinda boring. After that we were on public roads as we crossed Loudoun County and Leesburg, VA. Finally we crossed into West Virginia near Harper's Ferry, where we were promptly rewarded with a monstrous hill a few miles long. To boot it was on a rather crowded highway, not so pleasant to ride on. Finally we reached our midpoint at Shepherdstown, WV, which is a small college town with beautiful old-fashioned houses and lots of people out in the streets. Most people stopped for lunch at a hippy-ish organic restaurant, where I had a very good burger and fries.

After lunch (at the 85 mile mark) we headed north across the Potomac back into western Maryland. "Don't worry," someone had told me, "it's not very hilly on the way back." NOT TRUE! Once we got back into Maryland there was an absolutely *brutal* 15 mile stretch of up-and-down-and-up-and-down rolling hills... we stopped and took another few minutes break at a state park to recover from this, then hit the road again. More painful hills through Frederick county, and finally we entered Montgomery County with about 30 miles to go. My knees and feet were getting pretty sore by this point. The last 30 miles took us past the wooded mansions and estates of the DC elite, with horses and statues and plenty of impatient Jaguars and BMWs trying to get past us. After a wrong turn at around 144.0 mi (for 1/4 mile uphill) we recovered and flew down MacArthur Ave to our starting point, finishing at about 4:55 pm, just a few minutes after dusk.

According to this web site, in 8:50 of riding I burned about 10,500 calories, though that's probably too low because of the hills. I think I drank 7 liters of water and about 2 of gatorade.

That was fun :-)

PS- On the way back, in rural Western Maryland, I saw the *BEST HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS EVER*. This farmhouse had a giant spider web stretched between the front lawn and the roof of the house. Stuck in the spider web were a life-sized deer and a human, both wrapped up in spider silk. It was quite scary looking, kind of like something out of that X-Files episode with the tree bugs that would suck people's fluids out and leave them in cocoons in trees.
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